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Last Update : January 2015

Coleco released Colecovision in 1982, and it was an instant success. Superior graphics, an aggressive marketing campaign and a strong library of arcade games put the console on the wish list of thousand of kids in the Christmas season. Unfortunately, the video-game crash of 1983 and the Adam computer, that was under expectations, compelled the company to stop the production of Colecovision in 1984.

This site is about that short but exciting period of time. A total of 134 games were released in North America for this system, and you will find information and a lot of photos on all of them. You will also have the possibility of finding more accessories, collectibles, videos, etc.

Colecovision was not on the market for a long period of time but created a lot of memories for those who played it. The goal of is to bring back those memories. Have fun again!

Colecovision Zone : Your vision is here.