Colecovision Box


Coleco released ColecoVision in 1982, and it was an instant success. Superior graphics, an aggressive marketing campaign and a strong library of near arcade quality titles put the console on the wish list of thousands of kids. By Christmas of 1982, Coleco had sold over 500,000 game consoles putting a dent in Atari and Mattel Intellivision sales. Unfortunately, numerous factors including the video game crash of 1983 and production problems with the Adam computer compelled Coleco to end production of Colecovision in 1984 and the Adam computer in 1985.

During the early 1980’s, a total of 135 titles were released in North America for ColecoVision, and new professionally crafted homebrew games have continued to be released to present. To date, Colecovision boasts a library exceeding 400 titles and homebrew game development has now overtaken original release titles. In addition, new hardware and accessories continue to be developed for this magnificent system.

While ColecoVision was not on the market for long, it continues to have a devoted following and has created everlasting memories for those who had the opportunity to experience its magic. I hope this site helps you relive those fond memories as well as create many new ones for yourself and the next generation, because here at ColecoVisionZone, Your Vision Is Our Vision, ColecoVision!