Dina / Telegames Personal Arcade


In 1984, Britain-based company Telegames eventually purchased the rights to the ColecoVision console, and bought most of Coleco's stock. Rather than selling Coleco's bulky unit, Telegames began manufacturing and distributing the Bit Corporation designed DINA 2-in-1. In 1988 the renamed DINA became the Telegames Personal Arcade. The unit was sold via mail order catalogs. The unit was even sold through Telegames USA, a Texas-based videogame mail-order store.


This slim (12"x5"x1") console could play both ColecoVision and Sega SG-1000 cartridges. It came equipped with Nintendo NES styled control pads, and even had a built in game called "Meteoric Shower". Since the DINA control pads did not contain the numeric keypad of the actual ColecoVision controller, they were mounted on the unit itself. It also sported a "pause" button that could be used for SG-1000 games.

The console is not compatible with all ColecoVision cartridges, partly from its lack of a second numeric keypad. Expansion modules for the ColecoVision are also incompatible, given the position of the Personal Arcade's power and RF connectors.