The Splicevision is a Brazilian clone made by a telephone company called Splice. This console didnt have a huge success because it was more expensive than the competitors (Atari 2600 and Odyssey 2).  Splice also published over fifteen pirated games.


The Splicevision is mounted in a hobby kit box, the type that is commonly available in any electronics store. The controller’s connector are also quite different than the Colecovision : they are round. The only things similar are the expansions slot and the mechanism for the entry of the cartridges. They are protected, respectively, by a sliding mechanism and a spring hatch. And despite the console submit expansion slot, most of the modules of the original Coleco don’t fit perfectly: either it is impossible to use the on / off switch, or it is impossible to fit any controllers.

The cartridges are larger than the Coleco and have beautiful drawing. The opening screen shows Splicevision instead of Colecovision with the same type of letter and the same colors. The name of the games have been modified : Monkey Dong (Donkey Kong), Jaxxon (Zaxxon), Aventura (Venture), etc.


The Brazilian company Microdigital presented this clone at the “Informática 83”. They also annonced it in the best magazines of the time but was never released.